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R&D Fasteners is a domestic manufacturer of fasteners used in the waterworks industry. We manufacture hex, heavy hex, oval neck track bolts, and t-head bolts. We also stock a wide range of Raw materials to meet your delivery requirements.

R&D Fasteners has the following approvals

  • ISO 9001-2008 certified

  • QSLM class 2, 3 threaded fasteners

  • NAVICP Level one

  • Nuclear approvals through distributors

R&D Fasteners works with the most common specifications and materials.



  • ASTM A193

  • ASTM A194
  • ASTM A320

  • ASTM A307



  • 316, 304, 316B, 304B

  • Carbon steel

  • Alloy steel

  • Silicone bronze and brass

For a complete list of specifications and materials see our Capabilities page.

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